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Who We Are

Using online digital media to speak directly to your customers

We are proud to have launched Hashtag Digital Media and the key to our rapid success is that more and more businesses and readers are turning to digital to both sell and also to entertain. A website is a given now for most businesses but so are Facebook pages, Instagram sites and Twitter feeds. They are all ways in which potential customers can find out more about what is going on in their area and who is offering services that they need.


Print is dying

Don’t expect results from thousands of wasted print copies being pushed through unwilling letterboxes or even worse, embarrassing numbers left in aptly named ‘dump’ bins. Those days are gone. Now if a customer want to view your product they will come to you. They will be a follower, or they will log on and search for you.Hashtag Digital Media is the best of both worlds. It offers print style publications in a digital format, with all the familiarity that affords, but it uses current technology and trends to make sure that customers get exactly what they want. 

Digital Magazines

Our work with member organisations such as The Wine Society and the Welding World Association shows that client reach and engagement is vastly increased with digital interactive magazines. Live links allow for greater transactions while the marketing potential of the magazines is much greater as they can be promoted ahead of events and sent to members or customers embedded in newsletters along with via social channels.


Digital promotion is far more cost effective than print.

We can tell you exactly how many people have read your magazine while also offering more than print such as videos, live links to websites and email accounts and targeted promotion to specific areas such as geography and special interests. We offer support with promotion of all aspects of a business with a combination of advertising and bespoke editorial. And when did a newspaper or magazine use social media to promote their clients?


With Hashtag Digital Media it’s all part of the package.

No other medium offers such unrivalled coverage for such a low cost and with the world turning digital this is clearly the way in which businesses are now successfully promoting themselves.The lazy of days of hit and hope publishing are over, the days of the hashtag are here...isn’t it time you became a leader to your followers? Let Hashtag Digital Media raise your profile in the digital world.

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