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Communicating with supporters using interactive digital sports programmes

With sports planning for an entire 'behind closed doors' matchday scenario, the move away from print but the need to still communicate with supporters and fulfil sponsor and marketing commitments is pressing.

Hashtag Digital Media provides the solution as it is the only business which currently produces interactive digital sports programmes.

Hashtag Digital Media has worked this season with Stevenage FC on the first such programme in either the EFL or the Premier League and is currently in discussion with a number of clubs to work with them further.

Quite simply our programme maximises live links, interactive elements and embedded video - the format helps to vastly increase reach to supporters and fans using promotion across social channels, provides the opportunity to publish paid for advertising and also adds a new digital inventory.

It is also a remarkable marketing tool, note the call to action for ticket sales on the front page of a title which is released 24 hours before match day. Due to the digital nature, costs are of course dramatically reduced making the publication far more profitable.

We are able to work to a quick turnaround and would be able to produce a template and design pages ahead of any resumption behind closed doors using your own copy and working with your teams. I would be delighted to discuss this further. In the meantime here is an example of a Stevenage FC programme from this season to give an idea of the truly interactive elements and the exclusive benefits which we offer.

Darren Isted,

Hashtag Digital Media


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