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The Definition of a Programme

Everyone involved in publishing loves their words and their definitions.

But sometimes, just sometimes they can be infuriating, especially when they clearly lag behind the times. This occurred to us when we had a look at definitions of the word programme.

First we went to good old Oxford and found this. Programme: A thin book or a piece of paper that gives you information about a play, a concert, etc.

  • a theatre programme

Mmm, ok, that’s a surprisingly paper-oriented approach. We’ve moved on, indeed at Hashtag Digital Media we have been supplying digital interactive programmes for more than two years - no danger of any paper or books with us.

But it turns out that this isn’t an Oxford thing. All definitions still cling to the tired old paper days in some form or other. 

So do you need to supply print to be providing a programme?

Of course not.

A digital interactive programme isn’t an e-programme, its simply a good old fashioned programme and its new form is an evolution which has already taken place.

And don’t forget these programmes will guarantee to: - Cut cost on print - increase revenue through sales - Increase reach - Provide a new interactive marketing tool

- Give later deadlines but publish 24 hours before matches

So get with the programme by making it digital, cut cost, increase revenue and reach and help us to change perceptions along the way. Contact us now at

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