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Digital Interactive Publishing is the Future

The launch of a magazine which is taking its first steps into the world of digital interactive publishing is always an enjoyable one.

For starters, because you are at this advanced stage you know the client has already ‘got’ the benefits of going digital. The reduced cost from print has already firmly sunk in while the increased revenue and opportunities from a digital inventory is already there for all to see.

One thing which only dawns on publishing day itself is reader reaction and ease of delivery.

You may be sure in your own mind that digital interactive publishing is the future, but do your readers, clients and organisation members agree?

Having edited Welding World magazine for the past 6 years, we were delighted to help the Welding World Association to take it digital this week.

And what a reaction!

The response to the promotional newsletter blast has been remarkable and the reads with a 24 hour period have already eclipsed anything cumbersome print could offer. Feedback from end users, businesses and more importantly current advertisers was remarkable.

It truly is a win-win.

We’re waiting to help your business or organisation to scale the digital heights and you can start the conversation by messaging or by calling 07539782979.

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