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The new way of working

The massive change brought about by coronavirus in all aspects of our lives means that the way we work and do business will be altered forever.

The realisation has dawned in many areas that new ways of working are required - some which will provide even better value for money and greater rewards.

When it comes to print versus digital the writing has been on the wall for some years, the cost, lack of reach and unwieldy nature of print has meant the digital solution has looked to be the only option.

Stevenage FC saw this 18 months ago when they first trialled digital interactive football programmes and made the full switch for season 2019/20.

It’s remarkable however that even though the game has retuned at the top flight today clubs are still pursuing the print option with ‘souvenir’ specials.

Now that games are behind closed doors this is exactly the time to sell that digital inventory, reach more supporters on a global scale and save cost by going interactive and making it a free or reduced price product.

The finishing off of old contracts with print by post, and costs from some clubs of up to £8 for a ‘limited edition’ title show a desperation borne out of an inability to truly grasp the nettle. It could signal the end of the programme altogether.

If Stevenage FC can see that 10x reach, a halving of cost and an unlimited new digital inventory to sell is the way forward, let’s hope for the sake of future programmes other clubs do the same.

Darren Isted,

Hashtag Digital Media


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